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Rocketfish silicone case for iPhone 5 / 5s and new IPhone SE


The Rocketfish silicone case for iPhone 5s / 5 means your phone will have a non-slip and sturdy layer of protection against accidental damage.


The stretchy silicone material makes the case easy to slip on and off, while it’s also strong making it super effective at absorbing knocks.

The grippy silicone means your phone won’t slide out of your hand or off surfaces, or accidentally fall from your pocket.
This silicone case for iPhone 5/5S covers the back and sides of phone, protecting the beautiful glass and aluminium design.
It also has 'lay-flat' design integrated, which means you can lay it face down on a table without damaging or scratching the screen of your iPhone.


Designed for the iPhone 5s / 5, the Rocketfish silicone case, is a perfect fit with cut outs to give you access to all your phone’s features.

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